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Shooting Anavar E Espinhas Victim Support Teen Curfew

Two Macon City Council Members and a teenage shooting victim say they support Mayor "Anabolika Definition" Robert Reichert's plan to enforce the city's teen curfew law; however, they say there are still several details to iron out.

Councilman Charles Jones says he's proud of the mayor's initiative to stop teen violence.

The mayor doesn't Comprar Gh Jintropin need council's approval to go ahead with the plan, unless he needs to ask for more money to implement it or wants to change the existing law.

Councilwoman Elaine Lucas says there are still some details they'll need 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron to work together to figure out.

"What we've got to do is identify where young people would Deca Durabolin C'Est Quoi be taken to wait for their parents, what would be reasonable limitations on it, or exceptions are far as work schedules," says Lucas.

She also wants to be sure that policing kids out after curfew doesn't interfere with other law enforcement.

Lucas says she'll support the plan if the community does, too.

"If we don't get cooperation from everybody "Anadrol 50" we're going to end up with a similar situation of a law Deca Durabolin 100mg Cycle on the books that's not enforceable," says Lucas.

"I'm very proud about [the mayor's] attitude," says Jones. "Anabolika Definition" "He's willing to listen, maybe if there's ways it could be tweaked, ways it could be made better, he's willing to do that."

That's why Jones says the Reichert's plan can succeed.

The idea also got some support from teens in the Bloomfield area.

19 year old Kyrod Butts says he was shot three times outside a party in his neighborhood on Saturday.

He says he'd likes the idea of a curfew for younger kids.

"You already know how it is out here at night. It real dangerous out here you know, and I don't want anymore children to get lost," says Butts, whose friend, Arquentrias Fountain, was shot and killed in the same incident.