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'Shopping addict' slugs store owner

Attempting to steal two pairs of jeans was bad enough.

But when Sherry Smith slugged the store owner who had followed her in the face, the theft mushroomed into Deca Durabolin For Endurance Athletes an assault case.

Smith, who had been in custody since the Oct. 25 attack at the Anavar For Weight Loss Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre, pleaded guilty in the Ontario Court of Justice to theft under $5,000 assault, and breach of probation and received 15 more days in jail.

Smith, 47, was lucky: the Crown wanted six more months on top of the 36 days spent in custody.

"I'm running out of creative reasons to articulate the gesture to keep you out of jail," Justice William Fitzgerald told Smith standing in the prisoner's box. "In fact, I'm running out of creative reasons to articulate to keep you out of reformatory. Some would say it's your unwillingness or inability to be true to your word.

unfortunate answer is to leave the cuffs on, off you go, and it's back to jail . I don't have the confidence in you, but I have the confidence in Elizabeth Fry and I want to give them the opportunity to straighten things out."

That opportunity, the court heard, is Smith taking a shoplifting prevention program offered by the local "Comprar Gh Jintropin" Elizabeth Fry chapter.

"I would like to work with Elizabeth Fry," Smith told Fitzgerald moments earlier. "I need help for my shoplifting addiction."

Assistant Crown attorney Julie Lefebvre pointed out Smith received a six month sentence for similar offences in March, and then repeated her criminal behaviour shortly after her release.

"In this particular case, the aggravating factor is she wanted the jeans at all cost and she punched the (store) owner," said Lefebvre.

The court heard Smith was in a jean store in the Hanmer Valley Shopping Centre when she selected two pairs of jeans worth about $97, hid them under her sweater and Anabolic Running left without paying.

The store owner followed Smith and confronted her outside the mall. Not only did Smith refuse to give the jeans back, but she punched the store owner three times in the face and neck area.

Smith then dropped the jeans and fled. At the time, Smith was under two probation orders, one of which was issued in March.

Smith was eventually "Anabola Steroider Norge Lagligt" arrested Nov. 7.

Defence lawyer Alex Toffoli said Smith only struck the store owner once with a closed fist, not three times. He said Smith, who is a severe diabetic, wanted the jeans in order to get cash to buy crack cocaine, a drug she started using about a week earlier.

In the past, Smith's drug of choice was Oxycontin and she had also been on the methadone program for over a year, he said.

"She is at an age where she has to do something with her life," said Toffoli. "Drug abuse is not the answer. When she got six months some time ago, she went Comprar Gh Jintropin to the Vanier Centre (in Milton)."

The Vanier Centre, which is for women, offers a variety of treatment programs.

Toffoli said 20 to 30 more days in jail would allow Smith to get into a treatment program "Comprar Gh Jintropin" offered by Elizabeth Fry upon her release.

"I feel bad for what I have done," Smith also told the court. "I am taking treatment to get help for my addiction . It's hard to admit I had an addiction that put me onto "Oxandrolone Powder India" shoplifting."